Thank you from your winner – Fe!

Hi everyone!

Thanks so much for all taking part in this event. I’ve loved being involved – answering your questions has made me think about things I’ve never even considered and I’ve learnt so much from looking in to the questions I couldn’t answer straight away. Did you know that processors are currently limited in size by the size of atoms? I didn’t before this week!

The other engineers have been wonderful. I fully expected one of them to win after their amazing insights in to the things they work with. I did 3 years of fluid dynamics at university and it’s only during this competition that I’ve understood why it’s useful! Just wish we could all have won… Stay in touch engies!

So what am I going to do with the prize money? I’ve spoken to FizzPop in Birmingham and they’d love to use it on a 3D printer. They’re open to anyone and run loads of open nights – coding, competitive lock picking and making things are just the start! You’ll need a reasonably responsible adult to come along with but I’m sure you’ll all have a great time if you get to go and, if Birmingham is too far for you, look up the Maker Spaces in your area and give one of them a go.

Hopefully we’ll all have a chance in the future to hear more about roads, planes and and powertrains, not to mention their control systems. The team running this event have been absolutely incredible (massive thank you to them all!) so I’m sure we’ll all be involved in something else they do eventually.

Best of luck to all of you in your future education and careers, be they in engineering or not!


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